Jul 20, 2009

Let not the sun be vacant from the sky

The sun too quickly took its place

Behind the silhouetted peaks.

I followed it with desperate gaze

And mourned the warning late to keep:

Let not the sun be vacant from the sky

While yet within you harsh impatience lies;

For reckless words will pierce into the heart

But reconciliation grows

From pure and righteous blessings of the wise

This is a lyrical idea I laid down this evening. I already had a musical idea to work with, which always makes it easier, but this is also something I have wanted to express for some time. May it bless you.



Old_Guy said...


One of the elders has been led to pray mightily for reconcilliation within our church. I'm taking the liberty of passing your verse along to him as I believe it is not only timely, but perhaps even prophetic. Thanks for your beautiful words... and heart!
-The Old Guy

(PS: I get to spend some time with Brady tonight!)

Bug said...

Very lovely passage. Thanks :)

Shilohmae said...

Kit, Thank you for taking the liberty! I would love for this to be passed along.

DragonRider said...

That's cool.