Feb 23, 2010

{you gotta run right back to the start}

i read today the words of solomon in ecclesiastes: do not say, "Why were the old days better than these?" for it is not wise to ask such questions.
when your window is lit each morning [& each morning after that] it must always be treated as if it were the beginning of something. it is rather tiresome to feel as if we were always just starting off. yet still, this is true; it is vain to say "why were the old days better than these?"
the only reasonable thing is to resolutely say "today will be the best day ever" & resolutely act upon it in trust that it will be so.

Feb 19, 2010

I have been wanting to make a dress... If I could only make one that looks like this.

Fabulous Grosgrain. So inspiring. She is hosting a give away, and I wish she could also teach me her many tricks.
Cherry Pop Refashion Frock Give Away!

Feb 18, 2010

The Reason I like Chocolate

A poem:

The reason I like chocolate
is I can lick my fingers
and nobody tells me I'm not polite

I especially like scary movies
'cause I can snuggle with Mommy
or my big sister and they don't laugh

I like to cry sometimes 'cause
everybody says "what's the matter
don't cry"

and I like books
for all those reasons
but mostly 'cause they just make me

and I really like
to be happy

Nikki Giovani