Jul 25, 2009

Hap Birth t M !

Ok, that's a ridiculous title, I know. But... It's suppose to be half of "Happy Birthday to ME!" because today is my half-birthday! lol I sort of forgot about it but, my big brothers called me into the kitchen and there was a brownie in a cup with a candle. But, oh! this cup. haha. Jared just bought it in NYC and it is a half of a coffee cup! It has a handle and one side is curved out, and one side is flat. Very Alice-in-Wonderland-esk, like someone cut it in half, and it says sarcastically on the flat side "You asked for half a cup of coffee..."
Then they all sang happy birthday, but halfway through the song Adam said "Stop, thats half of the song!"
So happy Saturday to you and

Hap Birth t M !

And, here is a couple of pictures I took the other day for your viewing pleasure:


Hannah said...

Happy half birthday!
Ha ha speaking of mugs... Nate's mom got a mug for her 60th birthday and it had three handles, and said get a grip!

Stephanie said...

LOL...trying to remember all 11 birthdays in your family must be a challenge in itself...but to throw the half birthdays in, that is crazy...but it sounds like it was a lot of fun (probably more about the Alice in Wonderland type mug as opposed to a new half birthday trend.)

Bug said...

Pretty pics, happy half birthday!