Jul 1, 2009

Full House

Monday the 29th was my brothers birthday. He is going to school in Virginia and this year for the summer he was blessed with an internship with Generation Joshua. As a result of this he is staying on campus all summer. But for this week, starting on his birthday and ending on July 4th, He is home!!! It is great to have him around again, even for this short time.
In addition to Brady, Adam is also back at our house for the week. He is living up in Berkeley at our grandparents house. He likes to stay up around there for his church, but for this week he is home.
And finally, my grandfather on my moms side is in the area for a short time! He lives in Arizona and likes to square dance. So when an international square dancing festival brought him to so-cal he opted to come and pay us a visit as well.

With these three visitors we now have 12 in the house! It is a change from just a mere 9... after all, 9 is so much less that 12... We have every bed in commission, plus two mattresses in the boys room and a makeshift bed in the family room for our Granddad.
Benefits to this setup include: Barbecue on Monday! And pancakes Tuesday morning! Movie night on Tuesday night! (we watched A Beautiful Mind.... crazy movie.)

I love my family :D


Hannah said...

Sounds fun but hectic! It reminds me of like cheaper by the dozen or something :).

Stephanie said...

Sounds lovely!