Sep 17, 2008


Hi all, back again.

In 2006 I was in a Gilbert and Sullivan play, HMS Pinafore. (The picture isn't of us, its just a random picture) It was my favorite play I've been in, I think (not that I've been in that many...).
Recently my mom handed me a scrapbook and a pile of pictures from that play! And she told me I could scrapbook it =D I am having so much fun with that. When it is finished I will prolly scan the pages and post it here. Ginny was one of the starring roles and Hannah and Sarah were in it as well. I was an "aunt". The storyline of the play is a little weird if you think about it to much, e.g. This lady ends up marrying someone she had nursed as a child... o.O However it is still fun.

Sep 5, 2008

School is finally back

I know I am kinda weird in that I prefer the school year to summer, but I do. First, I much prefer the weather of Autumn and even winter to the hot sticky summer weather. Yes you can swim and that is fun... but then you have to be wet afterwards =P Also, I don't mind the school part of the school year. One thing about me is I like things to be regular not sporadic. I prefer know that every Thursday "this" will happen, and every Tuesday "that" will happen as opposed to the more offhand schedule that summer brings. I like to do math for kinda the same reason. Every problem has one answer that is right. You either get it right, or you get it wrong. There isn't any maybes.

So I am very ready for this year to begin.

(thanks strivin for giving me something to post about ^.^)