Aug 18, 2008

Even though I dont really like coconut

You Are a Coconut Flavored Popsicle

You are easygoing. For you, summer is definitely a time to kick back.

You are a peaceful soul. You shy away from drama and stress.

You are a warm and compassionate. You give everyone a fair chance.

Your tastes tend to be simple. You rather have a few high quality items than a bunch of junk.

Aug 15, 2008

EW, Ew, ew... ew

So I just finished lunch, and had the most disgusting thing happen to me since... oh I don't know. Since a LONG time ago. I had a sandwich and some potato salad my mom made a couple days ago. Lately at our house (as is usual in summer) we have had a lot of flies. They are everywhere. Now as I was eating this delicious potato salad, a Huge, Fat fly crawled out from under one of the the potatoes!!!! For reals here? I assume that that fly had been living in the potato salad since it had been put away! EWW. >.< I squirm just thinking about it. It couldn't fly because its blood was cold from the fridge (flies are cold blooded as you know), and because it had gorged its self on my potato salad fro a whole day! Meh! why does everything always happen to me.... sigh. So I went and killed the fly. Then I wished I could go and kill it again because I resented it so much.

Aug 13, 2008

"Trade places?"

A couple of days ago, Asher and I went for a walk along our road. It is a very hilly road, and on the way back I would sometimes let go of the stroller and let it roll on its own. Then I would run and catch up and once I caught it I'd keep running at the bottom of the hill. Now one thing I love about little kids is their logic and brain process. One time when I did that Asher told me how fun it was, then said (with many ums, pauses, and repeated words) "If you were as big as me and you went in the stroller and I was as big as you and I was pushing you in the stroller... and if I did that to you, would it be fun for you when you were little in the stroller?" I told him it would be and it seemed to make him pleased he had suggested it. =]

Aug 11, 2008

Dandelions by Five Iron Frenzy

In a field of yellow flowers underneath the sun
Bluest eyes that spark with Lightning,
Boy with shoes undone
He is so young, so full of hope,
Reveling in tiny dreams
Filling up his arms with flowers
Right for giving any queen,

Running to her, beaming bright
While cradling his prize
A flickering of yellow light
Within his mothers eyes,
She holds him to her heart,
keeping them where they'll be safe,
Clasped within her very marrow,
Dandelions in a vase,

She sees love where anyone else would see weeds.
All hope is found.
Here is everything he needs

Fathomless your endless mercy,
Weight I could not lift,
Where do I fit in this puzzle,
What good are these gifts?
Not a martyr or a saint
Scarcely can I struggle through
All that I have ever wanted,
Was to give my best to you

Lord, search my heart,
Create in me something clean.
You see flowers in these weeds.

Gently lifting hands to heaven,
Softened by the sweetest hush,
A father sings over his children,
Loving them so very much
More than words could warrant
Deeper than the darkest Blue
More than sacrifice could merit
Lord,I give my heart to you,

Aug 7, 2008

You Should Rule Saturn

Saturn is a mysterious planet that can rarely be seen with the naked eye.

You are perfect to rule Saturn because like its rings, you don't always follow the rules of nature.

And like Saturn, to really be able to understand you, someone delve beyond your appearance.

You are not an easy person to befriend. However, once you enter a friendship, you'll be a friend for life.

You think slowly but deeply. You only gain great understanding after a situation has past.

Aug 5, 2008


We had the most amazing Rainbow at our house today. It rained earlier I heard, and although we didnt experience the rain in the canyon, we got the best of the rainbow. I have never seen one that was so brilliant, and pronounced, and big! It was beautiful. Here are some pictures I took... to bad it doesnt look at beautiful on the screen.

Aug 3, 2008

Flower of the Month

The August birth flower is a Gladiolus. Pictured below...

They are different kids I think. I mean different kinds of Gladioluses

Aug 1, 2008

Welcome to August

We are almost done with summer already! Welcome to August. Time to do your last big summery activities, prepare schedules and, for some, go back to school. No need to "rush" ;) Love it while its here thats all.

August at the Ranch is pear picking time. They are big and green and beautiful and shiny if you rub them. I can't wait till I can eat a juicy pear!