Feb 7, 2011

A Touch of Spring

As winter starts to lift its face and wave its flag,
And put a touch of spring into each brightened step--
As fairies spread a soft green blanket over all
Earth displays the warmth that she, till now, has kept.

The melodies suppressed by winter’s gloomy face
Are beckoned out to sing and dance with sunny rays,
And as the birds are singing to the waking world,
The children dance along with each rejoicing day.

How do colors intertwine and blossom here?
What art replaces winter as it melts away?
What magic brings such miracles that now appear?
Is Earth the canvas of the Artist painting over grey?

The Great Magician orchestrates each tiny change.
His breath, the breeze that dances with your hair
His ornaments, the stars that decorate the skies
His hands unwrap each bud to bring us flowers fair.

I feel the change in nature’s countenance
A permeating joy has seeped through one and all
I cannot help but feel it as I venture out
And join in praise with nature to it’s one and all.

I wrote and posted this poem in Spring of 2008. This is a repost with new pictures. CA has been beautiful and balmy this week, so I deemed it an appropriate ode to the imminent change of seasons.


Marlyn said...

Shiloh, I love reading your writings. This is beautiful. Spring always shows such promise of new life and it drives away the doldrums of winter. Grandma

Cathy Kendall said...

That's so beautiful, words and photos too.

Karen Llewellyn said...

Very well done. I'm impressed. :)

Ginny said...

So beautiful!