Jan 19, 2011

Crocheted Headphones Tutorial

My latest project was inspired by these little lovelies.

I had a pair of headphones that worked, but that had lost all their padding; plus, they were just ugly. After seeing those headphones, I thought to myself, "I have yarn... I can crochet... I can do this!"

It took me a few tries to get the ear right, but once I did I wrote it all down right away so I'd be able to match it on the second ear! Each ear has about a 2 inch diameter.
Here are the instructions:

I used a fat hook--J or K--and worsted weight yarn.

Ch - chain
SC - single crochet
St/sts - stitch/stitches
Sl - slip
Inc - increase
rnd/rnds - round/rounds
tbl - through back of loop


Ch 6; Sl first st to form loop.

SC 6 sts through center of loop. 6 sts total.

Inc every st for two rnds. 24 sts total.

SC 1 rnd. 24 sts total.

SC 10 sts tbl. Inc next st tbl. SC 2 sts tbl. Inc next st tbl. SC 8 sts tbl. Inc next st tbl. SC 1 st tbl. Ch 3. 28 sts total.

Lay disk on inside of one ear with active st at the headband. Loop chain sts around base of headband and SC in third st. Complete rnd, looping st around cord when appropriate. 28 sts total.

SC 1 st tbl. Decrease next st tbl. SC 8 sts tbl. Decrease next st tbl. SC 2 sts tbl. Decrease next st tbl. SC 8 sts tbl. Decrease next st tbl. SC 1 st tbl. 24 sts total.

SC 1 rnd. 24 sts total.

Decrease every st until complete. Tie off. Hide ends inside muff.

Repeat for the second ear.


The instructions for the band will vary according to preference and materials. Here is loosely what I did.

Connecting yarn at the base of the headband (either side), make a chain to match the length of the band. If it is an adjustable band, match your desired length.

Connect chain to the opposite ear. SC into the next st on the ear, then back across the chain.

Continue working your way around each ear and over the arch until the band section is wide enough to wrap around the band of your headphones.

Final row: SC both sides of the band section together. (Knitting two sts together, one from each side.)

If there are still gaps remaining between the band section and the ear, a few extra sts should fix it up.

Hope this works for you all! Comment if you have any questions.


Brady said...

That is too cool!!
My sister is amazing.
This is something I really would never have thought of.

Deborah said...

im still totally amazed you were able to whip this together. great job. it's really cute. :]

Krista said...

i loooveee it. I'm officially on the lookout for that style headphone now. :)

Stephanie said...

Brilliant! That is so cool and you are so creative!

Marlyn said...

How clever. Your creativity continues to amaze me.

Robin said...

These are brilliant! :)

Ruth said...

Woow very nicely done! If I ever make one i will definitely refer to you :) thanks for sharing!