Oct 15, 2010


There has been a decided surge of photos in the blogosphere that feature pennant banners which I think are very adorable and worthy of my time. Late this summer I sat down to create just such a banner. Following is the result of my troubles.

The fabric came from a Laura Ashley sample book which we were given for free when a friend of my moms, who owned a textile shop, went out of business.

I hung it up in my room, and even though I hadn't measured anything beforehand, it fit perfectly wall to wall!

The simplest things do so much do perk up a room!


Robert Rose's Blog said...

Penants! That's right. Go Giants!

Shilohmae said...

hahaha, good to know I've done my part to bestow honor on the Giants. I never thought I'd see the day ;)

Annie B said...

That is the cutest thing! I want one! o.o/

Kari said...

You are so creative, young lady! I love it!