Aug 24, 2010


I finished a dress today. I made the bodice using a pattern I already had, and the skirt is just a big rectangle.
In hindsight, I should have made the skirt a bigger rectangle than I did, because I ended up having less room to gather than I thought I would.

Much of the dress is machine sewn, but when it came time to attach the skirt, I switched to hand sewing. I wasn't liking the way it looked with a machine gather, so I ended up sewing the skirt with a needle & thread making little pleats as I went. It's not perfect, but I was happier with the end result.

I also hemmed the skirt by hand. I originally cut the skirt piece with room to spare, but realized it isn't so easy to make a straight cut after the fact; so instead I made a deep hem and stitched it by hand.

Thank you little sister for taking the photos. It was a painless 2 minute snap of a "shoot". Pretty good, yea?


Stephanie said...

Awesome job!

Brady said...

Awesome! I like the dress. And the initiative to make it. :)

Anonymous said...

The dress looks fantastic and that fabric is gorgeous.
The hemline is perfect there, just above the knee.