Jul 17, 2010

You reap what you sew.

Thank you to Ginny for having such a lovely sewing day at her house!

For her birthday she stocked up on fabric for all of us to sew a pillowcase; such an easy and rewarding project. The few of us who were there made for a delightful & relaxing party.

There was a beautiful assortment of blues & yellows to mix & match. The original pattern was structured such that the main body was one color with a strip of a contrasting color on the edge. Annie decided to add some pizazz by adding extra stripes to the border. Her meticulous care for details resulted in the flawless pillowcase seen above.

I chose a more subtle marigold print & a simple golden border. It is a pleasing pillowcase with a countrified air to it; the sort of thing that must have been made in the days of flour sacks & hand stitching.

I had so much fun. Thank you so much. & HAPPY EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY!


Stephanie said...

What a clever idea for a party!

Brady said...

Good stuff Shiloh. I like sewing :) and I actually sew up some of my well used clothes :| ;)