May 13, 2009


Inspired by all the artful people in the world, and by the spring weather that keeps playing peek-a-boo with nor-cal, I decided to take a shot at a sewing project. I pulled down my moms box of patterns which was filled mostly with dated McCall's, and children's rompers... but from her small collection of maternity patterns, I came across a simple springy dress pattern that I thought would suit my whims.
I mulled on this idea. For a couple of days, actually. I don't usually embark on these sorts of adventures, you see, and am inexperienced as yet.
The main problem was that I didn't have easy access to large amounts of fabric. I mentioned fabric shopping to my mom, who would be my ticket to said fabric, but only in passing and without the necessary desperation. But finally a much more viable and exciting option set itself before me.
Kept down in our garage we have an old and sizable wardrobe, in which we store the clothes which are outgrown or unused or off season or just plain too old. I remembered seeing on a few occasions jumper dresses of my moms that she no longer wore.
"If," I thought to myself, "If I find a large jumper with fabric to my liking, it will be easy enough to alter it with my nifty maternity dress pattern."

I found one!

Unfortunately I didn't take a 'before' picture of this dress... but picture with me an x-large April Cornell, sleeveless dress, ankle length with a deep contrasting strip at the hem; the neckline bedecked with a square collar that would be large enough for a baby's bib... but sewn in a cute pink small gingham/plaid print! This was my playing field.
It remained only for me to take apart nearly every piece of this dress, cut them to resemble my beginning pattern, and sew them together again.

Behold my creation!


Fwit said...

it's cute!!!

In Bug's Drawers said...

That looks like a very cute dress!! Did you just start your blog? I just started mine too. Come check it out and maybe follow me too - yes, yes? :)