Dec 20, 2008

Life is good.

This is my motto. Recently, even when i don't actually think it, saying it makes it good. So i am going to play the blessings game and list whet i am thankful for. I know i'm a little late for thanksgiving... but thats ok, right? ;-) In no particular order, i am thankful...

That I have a supportive and loving family
-A mom who does so many things that I can't even pretend to list them... Makes amazing dinners, gets amazing Christmas cards together, drives us enumerable places, shops for things we need, and raises /rasied 9 kids!
-A dad who is so patient and provides for 7 children at home and 2 at college. and still has managed to get a pile of presents under the tree
-3 big brothers that love me and that I love. Adam is coming home soon, Brady is here and is a joy to have, and Jared is still always there.
-Hilarious younger siblings, who ought to keep me rolling on the floor laughing.

That I have amazing friends who don't care how dumb I am, but still buy me presents. even when I didn't get them anything yet. Who trust me even when I don't deserve it. And who will laugh with me. And sometimes cry. But still be my friends =)

That there is such a thing as coffee. And that I can drink it with my brothers and mom and be cheery and joyful. And silly I guess. haha.

That there is such a thing as dancing =D and that my brothers know how to do it; well. And that they dance with me in the kitchen and dip me and everything!

That God created a world that has un-countable beauties. That there is rain and snow and pretty colors in flowers and trees and that i live in a place that is surrounded with wonder.

That I have worm cloths that hide me from the seasons and keep me healthy and warm. For scarves and coats and sweaters.

That we have a car that can take us places. With warm air that magically blows on us. That can play music that magically floats through the air to the car. =D

That our country has clean water, warm and cold. Makes it very easy to keep clean and sanitary.

That when night comes I have a bed waiting for me with soft pillows and warm blankets.

And the list goes on. and on.
Count your blessing! And, if you can, add to others lists =)


Stephanie said...

I don't think you could aver be classified as dumb...silly perhaps...but silly is good.

Sierra said...

That's a nice list =)

Hannah said...

I like that :).