Oct 9, 2008

Virginia Weekend

Hi all,
As most of you know, my mom and I visited Brady in VA this weekend. He is a Student at Patrick Henry College which is a wonderful Christian school started eight years ago by the founder of HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association). Michael Farris also founded the speech and debate league I am in. Patrick Henry has been referred to as "God's Harvard". It has very high academic standards as well as moral.
We flew in on Thursday and a kind friend of Brady's picked us up at the airport to bring us to our rental car... [enter problem] The rental car place closed at 6:00, we landed at 6:30. Not a good situation. We ended up having our ride take us all the way back to the college. He was so funny. He came from Chicago area... "ChicAgo". I love the way local say that ^.^
So we were at PHC Thursday night which was the night of the big VP debate and there was a big dorm party to watch it. That was fun. All the students had their lappy's and would IM while the debate was going because it was rude to talk. I thought that was pretty clever.
We were at a Bed & Breakfast! Basically a hotel held in someones house. Much more homey and comfy. And of course you get a homemade breakfast. I decided that when I retire I am going to run a B&B. ;-)
On Fri. homecoming weekend officially started. There is chapel 3 times a week at PHC, and Fri. is one of the days. It is basically a short church service; there is worship, announcements, a speaker and more worship. After that Brady had a class in the morning. It was a literature class and they were discussing the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. The Professor was so funny! I loved him. He often closes his eyes when he is making a comment. I guess it helps him think =)

On the way there a lot of people commented on how much my mom and I were alike. One lady especially, as I was getting off the plane, said "Never cut your hair! It is beautiful long." And earlier she had been telling my mom how it is so rare to see mother/daughter matching long hair.
I got to see DC for the first time! On Sunday afternoon we drove in to Washington DC (w/ our nifty little GPS leding the way). We ate lunch at 'America', a restaurant in Union Station. They take classic dishes from around the country and compile them into their menu. e.g. "San Diego Fish Taco's" After lunch we walked to the Mall (the place with all the museums). My mom had wanted to see the National museum of art, so we walked around in there for a while. The only Leonardo De Vinci painting in the US is in that museum. Very cool.

After that we didnt want to walk any more so we went and got our car and saw the Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial (and the Washington Memorial, but that was from the steps of Lincoln).

We left Monday afternoon and there was just enough time to see the start of one of Brady's soccer games. It was kinda too bad because he was playing when we left so we didn't really say bye =/ As we were leaving we remembered we wanted to go the the gift store and I got a sweatshirt.

I think thats a record for my longest post... ttyl (type to ya later) ;-)


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

I remember going there for nationals it was really fun. I love DC!Well talk to ya soon!

Hannah said...

Wow thats cool. I didn't know that you went ther.

Stephanie said...

I hear they are starting a PHC equivalent here on the West Coast...I can't remember the name.

It sounds like a great trip.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun.

Sarah Kim said...

I'm so glad that you had a nice trip with your mother. :) I love your long hair, too...don't cut it! :D