Sep 18, 2010

Apple of a Different Color

"Sometimes the only thing to do is to start looking at everything again until you forget what you're supposed to see

& actually see what's there."


Some days, you can't help but look at everyone else (very objectively, of course) and decide that you are very glad that you are you and not anybody else. You then turn and look (very objectively) at yourself, and realize that there are certain things about yourself that you very much appreciate. Things that are distinctly you.
At this point you must lay aside all manner of characteristics that others have projected onto you; and look quite simply at yourself as a whole individual person, independent from all others.
You are not what-you-do. These things, rather, proceed from who you are, that mystery of soul and spirit housed by and piloting your body. Because of the way YOU are, you choose to play music, or to dance, or to write. Because YOU have likes and fears and desires and strengths, you will choose how and where and with whom to spend your future. Because the people-who-have-been-there-all-along have helped shaped that which is YOU (your spirit and your soul), YOU are now an

It is a "which comes first" scenario.
Entering in the midst of your life, one may see the space which you occupy and think they see you. They see the place you fill on the stage, at the podium, or on various teams, and say "Ah, this then is who they are!"
But with time, this same person may come to see
the shape of your spirit and your soul, and the effect of those-who-have-been-there-all-along ; at this they will say "Ah, this then is who they are!" and "This is why they occupy that place in the world."

Now in the course of this train of thought, you may pause: you may look at everyone around you and think (very objectively) about how glad you are that they are them. For the people-who-have-been-there-all-along, because of their them-ness, have helped to shape your you-ness and make you an apple of a different color, shiny and unique to everybody else. You look at them (very objectively) and realize that there are certain things about them that you
very much
And you realize, perhaps you're not so independent from others after all.


Helen Bratko said...

Wow. Very philosophical. You should take a Philosophy class. :-)

KT said...

Great post, Shiloh. Food for thought, and I also like your tortilla post. Food for lunch...

<3 KT