Jan 25, 2010

Brownie Face

Making brownies, or anything sweet for that matter, is a magnetic activity. When once you set the bowl and whisk on the counter, the whole collection of young people in the house will, rest assured, surround you in a matter of moments.
And when the batter is poured, leaving a delicious coating on bowl, spatula, and whisk, there will be a general consensus that "I asked for the bowl first." In the end all will receive their fair share of batter and , joy! There is always the pan of brownies in the oven, repeatedly forgotten, yet still to be eaten as soon as dinner comes to a close.

Behold, this precious brownie face; evidence of the aforesaid facts.


Hannah said...

You did a great job of writing in a poetic way. Awesome photos. I especially like how his eyes look in the middle photo.

Stephanie said...

Great pictures!

Page said...

aww so cute! :)

Brady said...

Ok did you set up the lighting perfectly? ;)

Shilohmae said...

Haha. Probably a little bit, but you know how we have those bright lights by the kitchen workspace already; it didn't take too much effort.