Feb 20, 2009

Locomotive - Shiloh Kauk

Verse 1

Locomotive, in the distance

When did you begin?

Never knowing when you passed me by…

Looking after, your commotion

Out of butterfly eyes

Dragging with you, all the moments I try to find…

Pre Chorus

Disposable time,

Can’t be reused

I try to rewind

But the imagery won’t move


Slip by

Why don’t you just, leave me behind?

I try…

But the moment’s so, so hard to find.

Verse 2

Eager faces, in the windows,

Adjust the horizon line

Carried onward by the current of time…

Start to wonder what my fate is

Can I make it this time?

Can I take this ordinary life, to somewhere divine?


I let another train arrive and leave

My forgetfulness will never ease

Why can’t oblivion surrender me

And let the locomotive sweep me off my feet?



Nioki said...

I think this is brilliant.
My interpretation is a person left in confusion and anger as they realise so many opportunities have passed them by in life, and now they are left cold and empty, wishing they had climbed aboard while they could...wishing for a new opportunity..
I'm not sure if this is what you had in mind; what was the meaning behind it?
Brilliant song though.

Stephanie said...

I'm not sure why, but my favorite line is "eager faces in the windows"

Shilohmae said...

In addition to being disappointed by missing opportunities, I am trying to convey a resolution to change; to make something of every moment.

Hannah said...

Wow Shiloh you are good at writing songs. You make me jealous :).

Joy said...

Wow! Good job :). You should eventually put up a video of playing this (if you play an instrument or sing).