Aug 13, 2008

"Trade places?"

A couple of days ago, Asher and I went for a walk along our road. It is a very hilly road, and on the way back I would sometimes let go of the stroller and let it roll on its own. Then I would run and catch up and once I caught it I'd keep running at the bottom of the hill. Now one thing I love about little kids is their logic and brain process. One time when I did that Asher told me how fun it was, then said (with many ums, pauses, and repeated words) "If you were as big as me and you went in the stroller and I was as big as you and I was pushing you in the stroller... and if I did that to you, would it be fun for you when you were little in the stroller?" I told him it would be and it seemed to make him pleased he had suggested it. =]


Stephanie said...

Aww...I really enjoy seeing the love for siblings in your family.

Hannah said...

You are very privileged to have younger siblings. That is adorable! Give Asher a squeeze for me :).

Old_Guy said...

Hi Shiloh!
The thing that impresses me about your story is the amazingly complext chain fo thought that Asher had... and that he was able to express it. Truely you are belssed with a wonderful little brother! (But then you're blessed with a remarkable group of siblings!)
-The Old Guy

Old_Guy said...

And, it seems, I can't type this morning!

silvafam said...
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