Jun 4, 2008

I ♥ Asher!

Asher is one of the cutest things. He pretty much has his own fan club. Here are some facts and stories about and pictures of my favorite kiddo...

1. My Mom and Adam are learning Hebrew at right now, and (among other things) they have learned Hebrew songs. Asher (a very quick learner) Now walks around the house singing "Hyom hy shishi/ hyom hy shishi/ ahashoba ahashoba hyom denuma" (just to let you know i have no idea how that is suppose to be spelled or what it means. i just wrote it by hearing it) It is quite humorous.2. Asher and Joshua (when they aren't having a scuffle) are the best of friends. Joshua loves playing legos in the loft. Right now he is in the middle of constructing all of the star wars sets that we have. After completing a couple, he makes set ups and does fights and such... Well Asher know all about it. He knows he's not suppose to mess the pieces up, and (just like Joshua) loves playing with them and carrying them all around the house.
3. Going back to the fan club idea. Some friends of mine have "5" contests with Asher. He isn't a very consistent player though. One day he's Anneliise's buddy and only gives her 5's, then he decides he like Bob better... but then he doesn't know who either of them are the next time! Only wants my shoulder... aww
4. When ever I have charge of Asherand have him in my room, there is one thing Asher likes best. He says "Let's do happy birthday boxes!" He gets this name from the fact that it plays happy birthday. They are two music box/snow globes. One features a young girl with balloons at a birthdya party (and plays happy birthday; thus the name) the other plays swan lake and has a dancer. And that is what asher lieks to play with.


Stephanie said...

Too cute!

AdamKauk said...

I love Asher too.

Anneliise said...

i love Asher! :-)

Hannah said...

ahh Ashers cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shiloh,

I find it hilarious that you have a post on Asher here -- I was just saying to a co-worker today how if I have a son, I want to name him Asher! Love the name!

I have five younger siblings, so I can somewhat relate to your situation :-)

By the way, I have a blog for young women called A Quill and Inkwell if you care to stop by ~
In Him