Apr 23, 2008

An Interview with Asher

Me: What was your favorite part of Marine World?

Asher: Um... roller coasters. Hot air balloons... but we went high up! High up on the hot air balloons!
And we went on a cat ride too, and it went up and down up and down... and, it was going up but not going down. I saw it on the other side... and I saw an orange car picking up um another car... in it. And um, theres no swings on the playground! And we went on the playground...
and we went on a truck ride and we went round an around an around, and I said "could we go on the truck ride again?" and he said "no." daddy did... so... I want to cook.

Me: What do you want to cook Asher?

Asher: I wanna cook pasta...

Me: What kind?

Asher: No tomato sauce, but a burger and pasta.... and tortillas and cheese but not peas cause I don't like peas... so I want tortillas and cheese with beans... and cheese too. So and uh and I want to cook strawberrys too, and I wanta get root beer too. And thats all...

Me: Whats your favorite kind of car?

Asher: Yellow... and blue too. and gold too, and silver too.

Me: What do you like better, trucks or cars?

Asher: Um trucks... and cars. I do... like trucks and cars and big trucks and little trucks... and thats all.

Me: Do you like playing out side? What do you do?

Asher: Go down the slide... um and go on horses and go on cars... yea. i go outside with my sisters.

Me: What are you wearing?

Asher: Uh... a shirt and pants. Gold and blue. Shiloh put them on me. I like my shirt
*sings a tune*

Me: Whats you favorite thing to do?

Asher: Read books... and car books. But not plant books cause plants poke me... pokey ones. and I like to play cars... outside... uh and thats all. Bye!


Hannah said...

Did he really say that? That is sooo cute! I love it!

Shilohmae said...

he sure did =)

Chantel said...

lol! asher's so cute :)

Susie said...

how cute!

Heggem/Rose 4 President - Official Website said...

asher says "and that's all" a lot haha

Margot said...

haha sooo cute!!